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    network sli○cing allow●s us to have a ●logical isolated ●network based on● mobile networks t○o give diff●erent serv○ices in the fut〓ure. O

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    perator○s, providers,● and vertical● industries will 〓have to coop○erate and op■en the way ■for the comme◆rcializatio●n of this te◆chnolog

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    y," he s◆aid. Please sca●n the QR Code〓 to follow us○ on InstagramPleas■e scan the QR Cod■e to follow us ◆on WechatHuawei● unveils ne〓

h allows ●a n

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etwork to be

w devices P10, P◆10 Plus in Barce●lonaHuawei un●veils new devic●es P10, P10 Plus i●n BarcelonaHua●wei unveils ne●w devices P10, ●P10 Plus in Barc〓elona02-27-2○017 08:00 BJTBARCELO〓NA, Feb. 26 (●Xinhua) -- C◆hinese compan■y Huawei lau●nched in Spain'◆s northeas


te○rn city of Barcelo●na on Sunday the P●10 and P10 P●lus on the■ occasion of the ●Mobile Worl■d Congress (MW●C).The Huawei P1〓0 has a 5.1-inch sc◆reen with Full■ HD resolution and ●it is power◆ed by a Kirin 960 pr◆ocessor. With a batt■ery of 3,200 mAh equ■iva

to supp■

lent to about tw■o days of batter●y life, the P10● only weighs 1◆45 grams and ha●s a fingerpr●int scanner at the● front.The● Huawei P10 Pl〓us has a 5.5-inch◆ display, a 3○,750 mAh b●attery and ■the same processor○ as the P10.Huawei ●highlighted the ◆quality of

ort various diffe●rent serv

ic■es and bus

the〓 camera of b○oth devices, a du●al-rear camera setu◆p that is de○veloped in● partner

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